About JSN

JSN is a Shanghai based company founded in 2002 by the current CEO, Jason.
In 2008 the factory relocated to these brand new purpose built premises with integrated offices and
manufacturing on one site of 250,000sq ft, in the new BaoShan Industrial Zone.

The facility is accredited by BSI to ISO 9001: 2000 and specialises in both urea and plastic injection moulding,
along with the manufacture of all the components made from various metals, used in the construction of electrical accessories.

JSN management comprises a well qualified and experienced team, who utilise
their collective skills to ensure that quality
and reliability are consistently high.
Under the direction of this capable team the business continues to grow in an
orderly and structured way.

A factory turnover of US$12M was achieved in 2012. The present factory
workforce is just 200 people, leaving massive room for expansion.
 The in-house test laboratory is 
 fully equipped with compliant
 test equipment.

 The inhouse design team are 
continually refining, updating 
 and developing the product range.


The factory site consists of three identical factory buildings each
with two floors providing 5,000M2 (total 15,000M2).

  Of this space, some 70% is currently utilised, which means that an increase in
capacity of 30% could be very 
quickly achieved.

Each factory building has been designed to support another two floors, with the
support pillars ready in place.
This enables the easy construction of enough space to
double the floor area within 6 months.

To ensure the high standard of product quality is maintained, factory facilities include a test laboratory equipped with the relevant test equipment, enabling the QA-QC staff to replicate the BS & EN test procedures as carried out in accredited laboratories.
All products are routinely and rigorously tested within this facility to ensure that they match, or exceed the declared standard.
Up to date approval documentation from accredited laboratories is maintained for all products.

The in-house design team are continually refining, updating and developing the product range, to ensure that both market and customer requirements are met in respect of safety, reliability and innovation. Value engineering is also an integral part of the ongoing evaluation process, ensuring that JSN offers cost effective products, without compromise.

Dedicated QC and inspection staff are dressed in yellow for easy identification. They follow each step in the production line and perform 100% inspection of incoming components and outgoing goods.




The Urea Hot Down Press production is constantly
monitored by QC inspectors
(wearing yellow jackets).

Production lines are set up with work instructions and
materials are issued accordingly. Care is taken to
ensure that the B.O.M and work instructions are
exactly matched and followed.

The injection moulding shop has machines 
varying in size from 80 tons, to 260 tons. 
These are utilised according to the mould 
tool pressure requirement.



Here we can see the secure layout of the factory assembly area where visitors
follow the yellow marked walkway and view the production line from behind the
glass screened-off walkway.
This ensures that the confidentiality of OEM customers is not compromised by
the close observation of visitors.

To further enhance customer confidentiality, goods for each individual customerí»s
order are consolidated in a dedicated and secure room.


The stamping and pressing shop produces all the metal components required within the products.
Our factory location is ideally placed for procurement of raw materials from the Baoshan
Steel plant, which is adjacent to the Baoshan Industrial Zone.

The engineering department is equipped with all the necessary machine tools to manufacture and
maintain tooling e.g., spark erosion machines, lathes, pillar drills etc.

Multi-impression tools are produced outside by third-party specialist tooling companies.




Purpose-built ethically correct accommodation and canteen facilities
are available if required for the factory workers.

The site has water on two sides and provides a
very pleasant environment

  The managers also have their 
  own dining facilities.